Happiness is carrying your whole world inside you.

A Beautiful Time

Pregnancy is the most exciting and beautiful period of woman’s life. Of course whole pregnancy is amazing time but perfectly shaped visible belly usually appears in the culmination phase of the 7th or 8th month and it is when we suggest to arrange for it to be photographed. 

broad variety

Styles of pregnancy photography

Black & White

Black & White

Classically Elegant

Classically Elegant





Special Dress

Special Dress

Artistic and Conceptual

Artistic and Conceptual





In Nature

In Nature

Covered with Fabrics

Covered with Fabrics

Wearing a Body

Wearing a Body

Wearing a Two Piece Set

Wearing a Two Piece Set

Amazing Experience

Book yourself a professional photo shoot and be the model for a day.

Photos with your partner and kids

As part of your pregnancy photo shoot you can have also photographs with your partner and children taken

What we do

Beautiful Pregnancy Photography from Wonderlove

Beautiful Pregnancy Photography from Wonderlove

the photo shoot

Our creative process


1. Ask for availability

Contact us to check if your desired date is still open.

2. Book the shoot

Your date and time is confirmed after purchase of the €50,00 reservation of your date and time slot (it is non-refundable). It than becomes a part of the whole amount.


3. Sign the contract

Before the shoot we sign the contract based on the package you chose. 


4. Confirmation

After you signed a photo shoot contract and paid the retainer fee we will send you a confirmation e-mail with agenda entry.

5. The Shoot, Retouch and Editing

On the agreed date and time we perform the photo shoot with you. After that the editing and retouch process begins of minimum 26 business days. You will select the photos for the final selection from the album of preselected photos.

6. Delivery

When your photos are ready you will receive a download link with the digital files and prints per post if you package includes them.


Available Pregnancy Photo Shoot Packages


Extra products and services

 We strongly recommend having your makeup done before the shoot by a professional who knows how to prepare model for photography purposes.

Makeup in our studio can only by done with our aproved makeup artists and hairstylists from Rougekraft.

Photoshoot Makeup €70,00

Hair Styling (waves or straight) €35,00 (€45,00 if very long hair)

Prints are not included in these packages. You can order prints, wall decoration and other beautiful products from us. Check out the current offer here. If you would like something that is not listed in our offer just let us know, we work with our preferred suppliers and can offer you virtually every product.

Additional photos above the package you chose are at €20,00 a piece.

Unless otherwise specified shoots are delivered in files of dimensions of 2048×3072. Clients can order beautiful top quality prints from us or alternatively order the photos you selected in your package at the full dimensions of 5760×3840 (300ppi). Full dimension files cost:

High Resolution Fee per shoot: €95,00

Photos are prepared, selected and edited one by one in the order of performing the photo shoots. I usually work on photographs from a single session at the time. This to ensure I feel the sphere and styles of the photos to provide uniform editing for individual photographed stylings.

You receive finally composed photos after 26 to 30 workdays after the photo shoot date counted from the day of the photo shoot or from the first following Monday if we were photographing in the weekend.

We encourage you to book the photo shoot sufficiently early if you would like to have your photos ready before a certain point in time. The other possibility is to order Express Editing. 

Express Editing Early –  your photos ready in 5 business days* – €75,00

*from the moment of orderding or from the shoot date if you ordered it before the shoot

In general the shoots packages are designed and priced for individuals, couples and couples with children.

If you would like to have another adult person to be a part of the photoshoot it is possible at an additional fee of €25,00 per person.

If you would like to have your pet to be a part of the photoshoot it is possible at both at the studio and on location at an additional fee of €40,00 per pet.

By pets we mean cats and dogs, other kinds of animals only after our approval.

You are responsible for your little friend, its behaviour and cleanliness in the studio, any damage caused by them will be invoiced to you.

Below info not applicable. At the moment there are no additional fees for shoots on the weekend.

Unless differently specified in the photography package our photo shoot booking possibilities lie on workdays (weekdays) however arranging the photo shoot on the weekend is also possible after additional fee:

Booking a photo shoot on Saturday is €20,00
Booking a photo shoot on Sunday is €30,00

It is possible to book a shoot in the studio or on location outside. Actually any place in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is possible. We are open to working also in other countries after consultation.

We always accept photo locations at distances up to 300 kilometers one way.  Locations further than 300 kilometers from our studio are also possible however after consultation and with covering costs on the basis of individually prepared offer. The current fee for shoots on location is €50,00 + €0,35 per kilometer. Currently there is no additional fee for our driving time.

We enjoy working in new places so feel free to suggest some beautiful location you might now and which is new to us.


Rescheduling is possible and you don’t loose your purchased reservation amount. First rescheduling of a given shoot to a date on week days (Monday to Friday) is free of charge, second and next reschedulings and rescheduling to the weekend date (Saturday-Sunday) cost €25,00


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to plan the pregnancy shoot?

In our view it is best to perform a pregnancy photo shoot in or around the 28th week of pregnancy.

Is it possible to print my photos in large format?

We are full service photo studio and provide printing services on broad array of materials. You can order larger format professional printouts and other products from us.

We use professional software and resampling methods and can prepare files for very large sizes, larger than the dimensions received from the digital camera we currently use (Canon 5D Mark III).

The standard dimensions of the files you receive in your package are good for prints at 300dpi in high photo quality in the size of approximately 16×10 cm or slightly larger. I discourage you to order significantly larger format prints from other labs as you might be dissapointed with the quality you receive.

You can order larger prints from us or order the photos you selected in your package at the full dimensions of 5760×3840 (300ppi). Full dimension files cost depending on the number of photos you want:

5 files €100,00
10 files €150,00
15 files €180,00
20 files €200,00
21 and up €10,00 a piece

The prints you order from us are prepared from the full dimension files and we can prepare the photos for even significantly enlarged printing by use of professional methods and software. This provides you much better quality than ordering prints yourself on some website.

You can read more about our printing offer on this page.

Is Reservation refundable upon cancellation?

The reservation of €50,00 (or €70,00 if you additionally chose for having makeup/hair done in our studio by one of our makeup arists/hair stylists) is a product itself. You reserve the desired time slot which than becomes unavailable to other clients and I also cannot sell it anymore.

No refunds are are granted upon cancelation or no showing up. Rescheduling the photo shoot without extra charge is possible up to five workdays before the previously booked date. after that point it costs €25,00. The days when free of charge rescheduling is possible are counted from one day before the booked day or the Friday before the weekend the photo shoot was booked. First rescheduling is free of charge if your reschedule for a workday. If you date was on the weekend and you want to reschedule for the second date on the weekend it is possible with an extra fee of €25,00

Is Reservation part of the whole assignment?

Yes, the booking fee is part of the whole assignment. Days before the shoot you receive a second payment link for the rest of the amount to be fulfilled before the photo shoot.